About us
Foshan universal furniture located in the global home manufacturing center in Foshan, Guangdong Shunde. Founded in 1989, the production base of 50000 in the square, the company since its inception has been based on the development of software furniture, production and sales. Companies in 1991 by the United States and the United States into the group after the assessment of the assessment, the United States and the United States Group in Asia, the only authorized production and sales partners. Has developed: "Meisi life", "Fu Ma family", "McGregor", "sea health" and other brands and its sub-brand series of deep sleep software home series.
American America is the world's most professional deep sleep product research and development institutions. Brand value of more than 55 billion US dollars, the world has six deep sleep technology research and development center. Four Seas furniture adhering to the United States and the United States and the spirit of the spirit of excellence and standards, 30 years has been focused only to serve the people of the deep sleep of high quality products. Universal people in the social illusion, many so-called diversification of the temptation of the environment, consistently adhere to do one thing, has been in the industry is not impetuous, the product of excellence.
Because of the product focus and excellence, so the four seas furniture production products 30 years to maintain the "zero quality complaints" industry myth. So far, Sihai furniture products have been exported to the world's five continents 106 international and regional. In the world's highest standards of imports of the EU standards, to maintain a 20-year zero-cut rate of the industry in another myth.
Four Seas furniture from the birth, has been the introduction of the industry's most advanced production equipment, and the international industry in the industry standard synchronization. The first in the industry through and implementation of "ISO900 international quality certification system." For many years won the "quality, integrity, service AAA units", "China's green products", "Guangdong hundred furniture enterprises", "Guangdong Shou contract re-credit enterprises" and many other glory.
Four Seas furniture strategy and pragmatic, pragmatic production, R & D sales pragmatic. "Pragmatic, honesty" has been the spirit of the four people work, because the spirit of this industry to produce the industry's top products, so that the choice of universal furniture dealers and consumers at ease, so that the world's furniture industry has a sense of social responsibility of outstanding enterprises.
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